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Welcome to The Players Page.

Here is your source for Dart League & Dart Tournament information in the D&R Star league area.  You will also find information about important notices, dart news & just about any-thing else I can think of to put here.  The tabs to the left will guide you through the web site, and I hope you find this page useful.

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2015 D&R
Bullshooter Qualifiers

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2014 D&R Star Summer Shootout Photos

2014 MSPDA Photos

2014 D&R Tournament Photos

NDA Minnesota Regional D&R Results

Mixed Triples Combo
Level 11stMelton, Nepstad & Shaner
3rdMarsh, Robertson & Waugh
4thBissell, Gwilt & Hunt
Level 24thBang, Lindow & Lindow
Level 31stFranz, Hameister & Ginapp
3rdJohnson, Mehrkens & Rohe
4thBennett, Chapek & Chapek
501 Doubles
Level 12ndMarsh & Waugh
4thNo Good
Level 21stBeyers & Johnson
2ndReturn Of The Lovebirds
3rdKat's Tats
4thGangster & Boy Scout
Level 31st Gary & Dan
4thAnderson & Loeffler
Cricket Doubles
Level 12ndBeyers & Smith
4thReturn Of The Lovebirds
Level 21stKlimavicz & Sears
4thGary & Dan
Level 31stGiorno & Schaefer
2ndJohnson & Mehrkens
4thOld Farts

NDA Rochester Regional Photos

NDA Minnesota Regional D&R Results

501 Singles
Level 21stNick Giorno
2ndAl Busse
Level 32ndWayne Loeffler
Level 41stColby Mehrkens
Cricket Singles
Level 21stPat Beyers
3rdAl Busse
Level 31stDaniel McCann
4thNick Giorno
Level 42ndMike Lindow
4thJim Anderson
Level 63rdAmanda Bush
4thDeick Bridley

2014 D&R Tournament Singles Averages

2014 D&R Tournament Doubles Averages

2014 D&R Tournament Team Averages

2014 MOMA - D&R Photos

2014 MOMA - D&R Players Tournament Averages

2012 Summer Shootout Photos

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2010 Shooting Gallery Magazine

2011 Shooting Gallery Magazine

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