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Players Manual


Important Procedures and Policies To Know

The items covered below will hold precedence over contradictions in the procedural manual.


Severe Weather


           D&R Star NEVER cancels league matches due to weather.  It is up to the individual teams to determine if they want to attempt to play.  Forfeits will not be given due to weather UNLESS a team is a no call no show.


Banned Players & Teams


             If a sponsor location has decided to ban a player or team the following will apply:

Teams will need to find a sub to play in a banned players stead if a match is scheduled at the location which banned the player.  Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.

Teams that are banned from a location will play their match at a neutral location if the match is scheduled at the location which banned the team.

Teams that refuse to play at a location and have NOT been banned from that location will forfeit the match unless played as scheduled.

Forfeit Rule


Forfeiting teams will receive a 0-12 or equivalent loss.  Teams receiving forfeits will get a win equal to the an average of previous matches between the two teams, or a 7-5 or equivalent win.  If the receiving team lost the previous match(s), they will receive a 7-5 or equivalent win.


The responsibiliy for league fees in Forfeited matches.


When a team forfeits due do a no call, no show, no excuse, the forfeiting team will pay for both teams league fees.  If proper notice was given before the original postponement and the match just cannot be made up, each team will be responsible for their own league fees.  Every attempt to make up matches should be made.  The league director will determine how each individual forfeit is handled.


Substitution Rule


A sub player may be brought in at any time during the league season.  The sub must NOT have a known skill level sufficient to bring the team up into the next league level.  The player must be protested within 48 hours or the match results will stand.  A protest after the 48 hour period will bar the sub from playing in future matches.




Leagues using handicaps will begin handicapping the first week of play. All players on the teams submitted rosters will be given an historical average or default beginners average (16.0 for women & 17.0 for men & 1.7 for both) for the first 2 weeks of play. (note: only the players on the original roster sheet turned in to the league office will be given this average.  Subs not on the roster will start with no handicap, but may be entered by looking it up on the chart available on the Players Page). 


Handicaps will switch to current league averages beginning the 3rd week of play. Any players that have NOT played by the start of the 3rd week will receive NO handicap until after they have played once. If that player has a player history, a handicap can be put in on league night based on that history.

A player's handicap may be changed to reflect that players true skill level at the discretion of the League Coordinator.


D&R Tournament Qualifying


          Players must have no fewer than 8 WEEKS of league play to qualify for the dart tournament.  This number must be met by March 31st.  The league weeks can be a combination of more than 1 league and can include weeks played in the Summer leagues.  Darts played prior to May 1st DO NOT count toward the qualifying weeks played.


Make-up Matches


          Postponed matches must be reported to the league office within 1 week of the original schedule date or the match will be scored a 0-12 forfeit for BOTH teams.


          Make-up matches should be scheduled within 3 weeks of the original schedule date.  The league office must be informed of the make-up date within 3 weeks of the original schedule date.  Matches not scheduled within this time frame will be scored as a 0-12 forfeit for BOTH teams until the match is made up.  League fees will be deducted from the payback of both teams.  Depending on circumstances, difficult matches to re-schedule may become a forfeit for the team responsible for the need to re-schedule.


            Unplayed matches by mutual consent will be recorded as a 0-12 forfeit for BOTH teams.  League fees will be deducted from BOTH teams.  There will be no more even splits (exp. 4-4, 5-5, 6-6 or 8-8).


             Unplayed matches that impact a POSITION NITE will be temporarily scored a 6-6 or equivalent for purposes of scheduling.


Position Night Scheduling


               It is D&R Star policy to ensure that your sponsor locations have a fair number of home matches scheduled at their location.  Your sponsors count on those home matches for the income they derive from them as a return on the investment in your teams, be it shirts, tournament entries or sponsor fees.


               D&R Star will schedule position night matches at locations lacking home matches.  When it makes no difference from an equity stand point, the home matches will go to the odd place teams (1st, 3rd, 5th ect...) when possible. 


               No team is entitled to a home match on position night because no team is entitled to a position night in the schedule.  They are added as schedule fillers to ensure the league start and finish at the desired times determined at the league meetings.

               Exception: If a League elects to have a position night placed in the schedule for the purpose of a "playoff", the placement of those matches is at the League's discretion.


Incorrectly Scored Darts

                   Legally thrown darts that stick in the board and are scored incorrectly by the board may be backed up using the dartboard's backup feathrue and corrected before pulling them out and passing the turn to the next player. Darts that don't stick may not be corrected.

                 Dart boards that do not have a backup feature may not be corrected and whatever the board registers must stand EXCEPT when the winning dart sticks and scores incorrectly.  In that case, the game is over and the thrower has won the game.


NOTE:  All rules are based on a 12 game format.  Appropriate win/loss assignments will be applied to leagues with other formats.


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